The BC Camping Association believes that safe and quality camp experiences play an integral part in the development of children, youth and adults and contribute to healthy communities.


As a governing body, we effectively achieve this by:

  • Maintaining and promoting safety standards through volunteer-driven accreditation process
  • Providing current information to members about camp practices, as well as leadership, professional development and promotional services
  • Informing parents and the public about the inherent benefits of accredited camps

Board of Directors

President  –  Margo Dunnet

Vice President – Andy Renton

Accreditation Chair  –  Morgan Taylor

Canadian Camping Association Representative  –  Jeff Willis

Conference Chair  –  Paul Bailey

Publicity Chair   –   Lauren Marghetti

Secretary –  Rianne Barett

Treasurer  –  Stephanie Mikalishen

At-Large, Accreditation  –  Stephen Jackson

At-Large, Website  –  Adim Hébert

At-Large  –  Kristen Hyodo



Administrator  –  Rebecca Kinton


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