The purpose of the Accreditation Standards is to provide:

  • The operators of resident camps in British Columbia, and those individuals or agencies planning such services, with information on how to be endorsed by the BCCA.
  • BCCA Members with materials to aid in developing and improving resident camp services in British Columbia.
  • A means for camp professionals to evaluate their operations
  • A means to request a formal evaluation by, and consultation from, fellow BCCA Members.

Note: The Standards are not intended as a deterrent to becoming a BCCA Member. Rather, to motivate camps toward achieving the highest quality and safety standardsfor the entire camping industry in British Columbia.

Accreditation Services include:

  • Resource Materials
  • Annual BC Camping Conference
  • Consultation and Informed Advice
  • Newsletters
  • Executive Meetings (all members welcome)
  • Accreditation Visits

How to become a BCCA Accredited Camp:

An aspiring camp must be in operation for at least one (1) year before an Accreditation Visit will be made. The maximum term a camp may be accredited is four (4) years. Accreditation applies to the operation as seen at the time of the visit. Additional visits may be required if there is significant change in program, staff, management, board, ownership, site and/or facilities.

Download the current Accreditation Standards here: 2016 BCCA STANDARDS.

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